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"Denim always is in 18 years old"


Kuzgunlar Textile has been established to produce denim and non denim outwear products.

Kuzgunlar is a firm that has 25 years of experience in the denim and non denim industry. It was established in 1993. The mission of Kuzgunlar Textile is being one of the best in sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

Kuzgunlar Textile exports to the USAGermanyDenmarkSwedenUnited Kingdom, Italy and Holland. We export to approximately 25 different countries in the world. Our firm has an innovative Research department and we also have a strong production team. With these successful teams, we are able to increase our denim’s quality and diversity day by day.

Our goal is to provide the best services to our clients and we always aim to satisfy the wishes of our customers to the fullest.

We have two facilities. First one is in Istanbul (2500m2 closed area) and second one is in Kastamonu (3500m2 closed area). These facilities are both in Turkey.

Our head office is in Istanbul-Küçükköy and this facility has 60 employees in management, purchasing, design,  marketing, customer relationships, logistic and accounting departments. And we have 150 employees in the production department of this facility.

This facility has the capacity to produce 100-120 thousand of garments in one month. We produce denim and non-denim products for men, women, and kids with high quality.

Our philosophy is ‘’Denim is always 18 years old.’’ With this philosophy, our aim is to be a reliable, dynamic, fast and innovative business partner in the long term.  Kuzgunlar always focuses on the customer satisfaction in long term.  We offer the products that are well worth their price for our customers.



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KUZGUNLAR makes an effort to be active in social media as well.

In the recent years, we are witnessing a Retro come back. Certainly we made a big effort to catch up with this trend as we are always competitive about catching up with all the current trends. Since big fashion brands prefer to get their garments manufactured by the best suppliers, the suppliers have to be constantly on the look out for the next biggest trend!

Designing clothes and working with denim has always been an experience full of surprises for us. Because there are so many different types of denim fabric, you can create so many different styles with this magical and versatile fabric.You can easily adapt denim to the freshest current trends and apply all kinds of innovative techniques to play with this fabric.

Denim exports is quite high in Turkey.

This is due to the fact that there is an accumulated experience in the denim field and Turkey is logistically close to the capitals of European Retail Industry. Turkey has the third biggest share in the global denim exports. Turkey definitely plays an important role in the global denim industry with developed technology and environmentally friendly production.  In the global textile sector, denim has 25-30% share. Turkey has 5% share in denim industry. Turkey is quite competitive in the field of denim production and Turkey exports to approximately 200 counties in the world.  In 2017 Turkey carried out exports worth 1 billion 598 million dolars.


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